Live Authentically

When I sat down and thought about the 2019 theme for Teen Christian Living, I wanted to capture something that would be really meaningful. A simple word or phrase that's on our hearts, in our mind, constantly inspiring us and encouraging us to share God with everyone we meet. Kind of like a life anthem! If I could tie back to one thing, it would be this little reminder.

I really wrestled with it. What's something a lot of Christian teenagers face? What could make us better? I sat down at my computer and began editing the website with these questions in mind.Teen Christian Living soon snuck into my heart and became something really important to me. It was all I could think about. If we had Jesus on our hearts as often as we think about these big exciting things, I think we'd really grow as a whole.

Long story short, I found our theme one day while driving. No, it's not the most original, but it's my take on it, because I'm really passionate about it! Our culture is on the constant prowl for something real. We're so caught up in wanting something real, yet we settle for things that are fake. We've deceived ourselves when we say that this thing in our life totally satisfies, because while it provides contentment for only a little while, it's never as filling as God. So that's when "Live Authentically" came to mind. Living to our fullest potential which I believe is inside every single person. Unlocking what God's purpose is for us. Being the person that God created you to be.

By the end of the year, my goal is to be the best version of myself that I can possibly be. I really hope that for you, too! It's as easy as visualizing your best self. Achieving that person isn't effortless, but it's not a daunting task either. That person is just a better version of yourself. It's something anyone is capable of. The moment you decide that you want to be better is one of the most freeing things ever.

The fact that 2018 is in the past blows my mind. It's funny to me how new years day is only another day in our lives. The only thing that makes it significant is the date change. Millions of people start off the new year with high hopes and even bigger goals... which all seem to fall flat by December. The only thing they got out of it was a painful reminder toward the end that none of their big dreams were completed. Not fun, right?

The new year is fun. Counting down the seconds, confetti falling in our hair, getting our kiss (just kidding), what's not to love? Everyone is so motivated and ready to begin a new chapter in their lives. Why does that have to change? What if everyday of the year we were thinking about how we could be better? What could I do to be that person which I know I can be? Y'all, it's that simple. Asking that question all over again, and just taking some time to evaluate-that is how we live authentically.

So, how do you start? Well, it starts right now. Forgive someone you've held a grudge against. Be a helper. Love on others. Do something out of your comfort zone. Stop gossiping. Break a bad habit. Embrace the person that God created you to be. Let it overtake you. God has a plan that's big-and you are apart of it! God didn't create you to be this flawless, robotic human being. He created you with strengths and weaknesses, personality, character, and passion. God doesn't run out of ideas. His most brilliant idea was you.


Welcome to 2019. Welcome to a clean slate, a fresh start, an open book. Welcome to second chances, redemption, and a major rebound. Welcome to a place where we laugh way too loudly, eat ice cream, study God's word, and grow together. Let's make this year is one for the books!

Celebrate life!

With love,

Elena Kallenbach

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