How To Wear Red Lipstick

Okay, I have a confession: I love red lipstick. I mean, what's not to love? It's versatile, from season to season, perfect for any party or event you're going to. Better yet, channeling those 2012 Taylor Swift "Red" vibes. I truly believe that there is a red shade for every skin tone. Once you find your color, you are good to go! I wanted to write a blog all about the application process, what makeup look I wear with it, and a few outfits that would totally finish off the look. Hope you enjoy!

The Application

The lipstick I use is from Bare Minerals and is called "Seriously Red". I was looking for a color that is a little more of a pink red than orange, and I didn't want something super dark! This lipstick is the perfect blend of everything I wanted in a red lipstick. It's totally my go-to lip color for just about anything under the sun! Parties, lunch dates, Sunday morning, the list goes on.

I've developed a process for applying the lipstick that I've found work for me, but is super adjustable. I start by hydrating my lips with a lip balm. This can range from something as simple as ChapStick® to something more complex like C.O Bigelow Rose Salve (I can usually pick this up at Bath and Body Works). The important thing here is making sure that your lips are prepped and aren't chapped or flaking. This is a crucial step if you are going for more of a matte look, which tends to dry out your lips. (For this tutorial, I'm sticking with a cream lipstick)

Lips are prepped, let's move on too the actual process! Understanding the shape of your lips can play a big role in this. I have more rounded, fuller lips, so I like to give mine the appearance that they are smaller by filling in my lips rather than going outside the lines. If you do have smaller lips, I'd recommend using a lip pencil to trace the outside edges. I've learned that when you apply a bold lip color, you need to be really clean with your lines (you'll have a Miranda Sings look going on if you don't!). Take extra time to make them crisp. When I go to my upper lip, I start at the cupid's bow and take the rounded side of the lipstick and follow the line of my lip. I find this helps me out so much! From here I'll work on the corners, and cleanup some edges.

From here, there are a couple ways it can go. Sometimes I'll do a second coat for a more pigmented look, or leave as is. In between the 2 coats make sure to blot! Y'all, this is so important. I personally hate it when I have lipstick all over my straw at a restaurant or on my teeth, and this is the best way to avoid making a big mess! Also, a little life hack here; to keep it on even longer, take a tissue and put it up to your lips. Dust powder on top of the tissue, so that only a bit can bleed through and reach your lips. When you take the tissue off of your lips, the powder will give your lips an extra layer which will keep it from rubbing off. (That may have been confusing, but there are plenty of tutorials that explain it better than me!)

When I wear red lipstick, I like it to be the big focus of my look. I'll play it down with something really warm, so I like using very natural shades of eye shadow, usually something more gold/brown. I try to keep it really simple and make the lips the focal point. Sometimes less is more!

Outfit Inspiration

There are a couple outfits I'll wear with a red lipstick. It really depends on your personal style preferences. Black and white is a great way to make it pop, so I'll pair it with a striped black and white shirt, black jeans, and a jean jacket. Wearing red lipstick with white is gorgeous too. Wearing it with something more creamy is totally pretty. For more of a colorful outfit, I've found that I like red lipstick with a pastel palette or an army green. You can really play around with the outfits you pair with this! Neutral, pastel, dark, light, you really can't go wrong!

As always, live authentically!

With love,

Elena Kallenbach

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